Our aim is to popularise and propagate Indian art forms by providing opportunities to young artists and to give the art lovers an opportunity to witness the performances of maestros in the field of music and dance.

Navaneetham Cultural Trust was established in 1997 with an aim to enrich the cultural exposure of art lovers in the cultural capital of Kerala. Later registered as a trust, Navaneetham was founded by Sri. Belraj Soni, who is also an ace Kalaripayattu Guru. Navaneetham has played an important role in popularizing various Indian art forms in and out of Kerala and in creating awareness about the rich Indian culture among the younger generation. The incessant effort in organizing performances and workshops of maestros has helped in carving a new generation of cultural torch bearers. Navaneetham also organizes regular programmes to promote young talented artists, thereby giving them immense media exposure and get their performances reviewed by experts. We can modestly claim to have achieved significant success in our ventures, having arranged a number of such immense patronage and participation both locally as well as in other states visited. Navaneetham, a non-profit cultural organization, have already built up a talented circle of amateur artistes, eager to learn more and perform seriously. Navaneetham now has a band of art loving citizens in its director's board.